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    Article 11


    Extradition may be granted only when explicitly provided for by international treaties in which the Republic of Albania is a party.

    Extradition shall be granted when both Albanian law and foreign law provide for the criminal act, which constitutes the object of the request for extradition, as such simultaneously.

    Extradition shall not be granted:

    a) if the person to be extradited is an Albanian citizen, unless otherwise provided for by the treaty;

    b) if the criminal act constituting the object of the request for extradition is of a political or military nature;

    c) when there is reasonable ground to believe that the person requested to be extradited will be persecuted, punished or wanted because of his political, religious, national, racial or ethnic beliefs;

    d) if the person requested to be extradited has been tried by a competent Albanian court for the same criminal act for which extradition is requested.



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