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Trafficking in persons
  • Acts Involved

    • • Transfer
      • Harbouring
      • Recruitment/Hiring
  • Means Used

    • • Threat of the use of force or of other forms of coercion
      • Abuse of power or a position of vulnerability
  • Exploitative Purposes

    • • Forced labour or services
      • Servitude
      • Slavery or practices similar to slavery

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UNTOC Articles

  • Organized Crime Convention

  • Trafficking in Persons Protocol

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  • Smuggling of Migrants Protocol

  • Firearms Protocol


    Original Text

    Human Trade

    ARTICLE 80-(1) Persons who provide, kidnap or shelter or transfer a person (s) from one place to another unlawfully and by force, threat or violence or misconduct of power or by executing acts of enticement or taking advantage of control power on helpless persons in order to force them to work or serve for others or to send them away where he is treated almost like a slave, are sentenced to imprisonment from eight years to twelve years and punished with punitive fine up to ten thousand days.

    (2) In case of execution of acts which constitute offense in the definition of first subsection, the consent of the victim is considered void.

    (3) In case of kidnapping, providing, sheltering or transfer of a person(s) who is under the age of eighteen, the offender is subject to the punishments indicated in the first subsection even if he did not execute the acts causing offense.

    (4) Security precautions are applied for the legal entities committing such offenses.