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Education should be a fundamental area of work of any effective crime prevention strategy. Organized crime, in particular, is a truly global phenomenon that affects the everyday life of all of us. It is more concealed then other crimes, as organized criminal groups make targeted efforts at keeping their crimes and organization under the radar of law enforcement authorities. It is also harder to eradicate, as it often insinuates the culture and even the way of living of populations around the world. As such, it can be effectively tackled only if people have the necessary knowledge to understand it and are empowered to stand up against it.

The Education for Justice (E4J) initiative & its University Teaching Modules on Organized Crime

To this end, the Education for Justice (E4J) initiative developed a series of Modules on Organized Crime, which lecturers can adapt and use as a basis for teaching in universities and academic institutions across the world.

The Modules seek to enhance students' understanding of organized crime, its implications as well as of the tools at our disposal in the fight against it. They also aim at sharing stories, good practices and lesson learned across national borders.

To learn more about the initiative and access the modules, please click here.



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