Database of Legislation

Trafficking in persons
  • Offences

    • • Trafficking in persons (adults)
      • Trafficking in children (under 18 years)
  • Acts Involved

    • • Recruitment/Hiring
      • Harbouring
      • Receipt
      • Buying/Purchasing/Selling
  • Means Used

    • • Threat of the use of force or of other forms of coercion
      • Abuse of power or a position of vulnerability
  • Exploitative Purposes

    • • Removal of organs
      • Slavery or practices similar to slavery
      • Exploitation of the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation
      • Forced labour or services

UNTOC Articles

  • Organized Crime Convention

  • Trafficking in Persons Protocol

  • Any Article
  • Smuggling of Migrants Protocol

  • Firearms Protocol


    Original Text

    [Art. 227 a. Anyone becoming guilty of the following acts for the purpose of sexually using a person or for forced labour or to remove his/her organs shall be punished for slavery with up to 8 years imprisonment:-

    1. Procuring, removing, housing or accepting someone who has been subjected to unlawful force under Art. 225 or deprived of freedom as per Art. 226 or threat as per Art. 233 or unlawful deception by awakening, strengthening or utilizing his/her lack of understanding of the person concerned about circumstances or other inappropriate method.

    2. Procuring, removing, housing or accepting an individual younger than 18 years of age or rendering payment or other gain in order to acquire the approval of those having the care of a child.

    The same penalty shall be applied to a person accepting payment or other gain according to clause 2, para. 1.]