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Trafficking in persons
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    • • Trafficking in children (under 18 years)
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    • • decriminalization

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UNTOC Articles

  • Organized Crime Convention

  • Trafficking in Persons Protocol

  • Article 6: Assistance to and protection of victims of trafficking in persons
  • Smuggling of Migrants Protocol

  • Firearms Protocol


    Original Text

    17.  Minors victims of trafficking. S.L. 12.20
    (1) An advocate appointed in the interests of a minor in terms of The Civil Court (Family Section), The First Hall of the Civil Court and The Court of Magistrates (Gozo) (Superior Jurisdiction) (Family Section) Regulations shall assist and represent the interests of a minor who is a victim of trafficking in persons.

    (2) In cases where the age of the person cannot be determined with certainty and there are reasons to believe that the person is a minor, that person shall be presumed to be a minor and shall be entitled to receive immediate access to assistance, support and protection in accordance with article 18.

    18. Unaccompanied victims who are minors. Cap. 285.
    (1) Where a victim of trafficking in persons is an unaccompanied minor, a care order shall be issued in terms of the Children and Young Persons (Care Orders) Act to ensure that the minor is afforded all the assistance, protection and support in terms of the Directive.

    (2) For purposes of this article "the Directive" shall have the same meaning assigned to it under article 15.