UNODC's Tools

This section aims at collecting a variety of tools developed by UNODC for an more in-depth understanding of the aspects covered by the SHERLOC Knowledge Management Portal.

It contains:

  • tools for education and teaching of organized crime,
  • tools for the investigation and prosecution of smuggling of migrants,
  • tools for the investigation and prosecution of trafficking in persons.

Educational Material

This section hosts a link to the teaching modules for professors on organized crime developed by UNODC under the Education for Justice initiative - a component of the Global Programme for the implementation of the Doha Declaration.

Click here to access the section on "Educational Material".

Legal Briefs on Smuggling of Migrants

The legal briefs provide the user with easily accessible information on landmark cases in selected jurisdictions. UNODC has so far developed 27 legal briefs based on cases from: Argentina, Canada, China, Colombia, El Salvador, France, Greece, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, UK, and the USA, and made them available on the Smuggling of Migrants Knowledge Portal / SHERLOC.

Click here to access the "Legal Briefs".

Case Digest on Trafficking in Persons

The Case Digest aims to assist criminal justice practitioners worldwide in addressing recurring evidential issues that are typical to trafficking in persons cases. It can help practitioners build a trafficking case. This tool collects an analysis of 135 cases from 31 jurisdictions and provides the reader with a wide range of options and possibilities to deal with particular evidential challenges.

Click here to access the "Case Digest".


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