About us

The cybercrime repository was developed by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime as a central data repository of cybercrime laws and lessons learned for the purposes of facilitating the continued assessment of needs and criminal justice capabilities and the delivery and coordination of technical assistance (Resolution 22/8 of the Commission of Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, entitled 'Promoting technical assistance and capacity-building to strengthen national measures and international cooperation against cybercrime').

The repository consists of three databases:


The CASE LAW DATABASE contains jurisprudence, as well as records of successful law enforcement operations, on cybercrime and crimes related to electronic evidence. This allows users to see how Member States are tackling cybercrime cases both operationally and in their courts.


The DATABASE OF LEGISLATION contains cybercrime and procedural laws and is searchable by country, cybercrime offence, and procedural aspects. While also enabling access to full legislation documents, the Database provides extracts of laws relevant to specific cybercrime offences and cross-cutting issues, allowing the user to quickly find provisions relating to the search query.



The LESSONS LEARNED database contains national practices and strategies in preventing and combating cybercrime. Information compiled in this database has been gathered in the framework of the UNODC Comprehensive Study on Cybercrime (2013) and is supplemented by national cybercrime and cybersecurity strategies.