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Financial contributions to SHERLOC

SHERLOC was made possible through the generous support of the governments of:


Substantive contributions to SHERLOC

We are grateful to the Corruption and Economic Crime Branch of UNODC for the provision of corruption-related provisions, as collected through the Implementation Review Mechanism on the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), available on the TRACK Portal. 

We would like to thank our partners for contributing case law summaries and legislation to the SHERLOC knowledge management portal:


John Jay College of Criminal Justice

We are grateful to the 2018 Summer Programme of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice: Naef Ahmed, Stephanie Appiah, Dacia Arokium, Julia Balkaran, Daniel Braslavsky, Jeremy Brown, Daniela Chacon, Christine Gancayo, Paola Guanga, Daniel Hughes, Mariana Kakarakis, Mandi Malcolm, Julia Pagnamenta, Zoila Allison Palomino, Sofia Perminova, Afsana Rahman, Connor Rutherford.

With special thanks to Professor Yuliya Zabyelina


Australian Institute of Criminology

   With special thanks to Dr. Russell Smith

University of Queensland Migrant Smuggling Working Group

With special thanks to Professor Andreas Schloenhardt


World Bank Group & Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development (GFLJD)

With special thanks to Janice Kim Song, GFLJD Secretariat


USC Gould School of Law & Women's Law Association (WLA)

USC Gould School of Law WLA logo





UNODC Internship Programme with Conference Support Section, Organized Crime Branch (OCB/CSS)


Timur Tusiray, Magdalena Hahn, Margrét Berg Sverrisdóttir, Yuri Fenopetov, Alessandro Rollo, Flavia Romiti, Johannes Eder, Alexandra Fernandes Rodrigues, Anastasiia Burova, Katarina Lukacovicova, Susan Knifed, Sanjar Ashrapov, Inmaculada Farfan Velasco, Wydiane Djadi, Elise Corsion


UN Online Volunteers


Elisabeth Seite, María Luisa Olavarría, Madeline Shearer, Andrew Melim, Martina Villa, Véronique Bergeron, Myriam Courtot, Irina Yarovaya, Abigail Leffler, Sanae El Haji, Esther Beceiro, Rut Ballesteros, Lara Muñoz Peláez,  Yuming Han


Individual Contributors

António Manuel Abrantes, José Miguel Figueiredo, Colin Craig, Joshua Enemona Joel, Sungmi Park, Helen Maher, Vanessa Gutierrez, Ben Russell

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