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Organized criminal groups tactics have either evolved to include cybercrime and/or utilize information and communication technology to facilitate various forms of organized crime, or they have developed new forms of organization when committing new forms of crime. These individuals commit a variety of illicit activities, which may or may not occur exclusively online and/or be facilitated by ICT. Dark markets and cryptomarkets sites where cyber organized crime occurs, not only make illicit goods and services available, but also enable illicit actors to interact with each other, share knowledge and resources, develop contacts, build and maintain relationships, recruit individuals to commit illicit acts, lauder money, learn how to commit crimes and cybercrimes, and evade detection by authorities (Leukfeldt, Kleemans, and Stol, 2017). In view of that, ICT has lowered the barriers for entry into illicit trades online, provided criminals with access to the information and resources needed to commit crimes and cybercrimes transnationally (e.g., technical and human resources), and afforded them the opportunity to network, organize, and work together to commit crimes and cybercrimes, such as cyber organized crime.

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