This module is a resource for lecturers

Additional teaching tools

This section includes links to relevant teaching aides such as PowerPoint slides and video material, that could help the lecturer teach the issues covered by the Module. Lecturers can adapt the resources to their needs.

Video material

  • Cruzar o Morir, el drama humano de los inmigrantes (app. 41 minutes) by Especial NTN24. The video presents the dramatic reality of undocumented migrants travelling from Central and South America to the United States border to escape from poverty, lack of opportunities and violence.
  • Women Work to Feed Central American Migrants (app. 4:30 min) by MSNBC. The video documents the work of a group of women, Las Patronas, who help feed migrants travelling on freight trains across Mexico towards the United States border.


  • SHERLOC Case Law Database on the Smuggling of Migrants


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