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Core reading

The following readings are (mostly open source) required readings that should be completed before taking a class based on this Module:

  • Altheide, Cory and Harlan Carvey. (2011). Digital Forensics with Open Source Tools (pp. 1-8). Science Direct.
  • Bulbula, H. I., H. Guclu Yavuzcanb, and Mesut Ozel. (2013). Digital forensics: An Analytical Crime Scene Procedure Model (ACSPM). Forensic Science International, Vol. 233(1-3), 244-256.
  • Casey, Eoghan, Monique Ferraro, and Lam Nguyen. (2009). Investigation Delayed Is Justice Denied: Proposals for Expediting Forensic Examinations of Digital Evidence. Journal of Forensic Sciences, Vol. 54(6), 1353-1364.
  • ISACA. (2015). Overview of Digital Forensics .
  • Karie, Nickson M. and H. S. Venter (2015). Taxonomy of Challenges for Digital Forensics. Journal of Forensic Sciences, Vol.60(4), 885-893.
  • Maras, Marie-Helen. (2014). Computer Forensics: Cybercriminals, Laws, and Evidence. Jones and Bartlett.
  • Myers, Matthew and Marcus Rogers. (2007). Digital Forensics: Meeting the Challenges of Scientific Evidence. Advances in Digital Forensics: IFIP International Conference on Digital Forensics (pp. 43-50).
  • Roussev, Vassil, Candace Quates, and Robert Martel. (2013). Real-time digital forensics and triage. Digital Investigation Vol. 10(2), 158-167.
  • Sammons, John. (2017). Digital forensics, 2st edition. Elsevier.
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