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Student assessment

This section provides suggestions for post-class assignments for the purpose of assessing student understanding of the Module. Suggestions for pre-class or in-class assignments are provided in the Exercises section.

The students should choose one of the following exercises to address in an essay no longer than 3,000 words, to be submitted within two weeks. The assignment is to be based on individual research, in addition to the lecture material.

  • Critically and constructively comment on the following statement:

On the one hand smuggling can provide a valuable service, by enabling asylum seekers to escape persecutions and reach asylum; on the other hand, migrant smuggling can expose the already vulnerable to even greater vulnerability. We currently face a conundrum: how to protect asylum seekers from insecurity associated with smuggling without closing the door for applying for international protection. (Koser, 2001)

  • Do you consider it feasible to effectively combat migrant smuggling while fully respecting the principle of non-refoulement? What is the impact of the externalization of borders in this debate?

The lecturer may further assign homework to be submitted during the next session. To this effect:

  • Students could be asked to comment on one of the films shown during the 'Introduction'.
  • Students could research a real-life example of a link between migrant smuggling and other crimes, elaborating on the resulting negative individual and social repercussions.

It is suggested that homework essays do not exceed 1,000 words.

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