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Student assessment

This section provides suggestions for post-class assignments for the purpose of assessing student understanding of the Module. Suggestions for pre-class or in-class assignments are provided in the Exercises section.

It is suggested that students be asked to:

  • Critically research and analyse a SOM-related case/news/report (preferably with national focus or relevance), pointing out the extent to which the multidisciplinary approach was - or was not - employed and the benefits or lost opportunities deriving therefrom. The lecturer should provide students with guidance, as appropriate, concerning applicable domestic legislation. Students should consider elements such as (i) administrative approach, (ii) potential contribution of non-criminal justice actors, (iii) international cooperation.


  • Create a proposal for an outreach/advocacy tool (social media page, promotional video, speech, poster) for a relevant stakeholder (public or private) lobbying for, or promoting, the design of a comprehensive approach to counter SOM.

Essays should not be longer than 2500 words.

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