Teaching Module Series

Organized Crime / Counter-Terrorism

Module 16

Linkages between Organized Crime and Terrorism

Developed by UNODC, this Module forms part of the UNODC Teaching Module Series on Organized Crime and is accompanied by a Teaching Guide. The full range of UNODC materials includes teaching modules on trafficking in persons / smuggling of migrants, firearms, cybercrime, wildlife crime, counter-terrorism as well as organized crime. In addition, Module Series on anti-corruption and integrity & ethics are available at Global Resource for Anti-Corruption Education and Youth Empowerment (GRACE) website.

All teaching modules provide suggestions for in-class exercises, student assessments, slides, and other teaching tools that lecturers can adapt to their contexts, and integrate into existing teaching courses and programmes. The Module provides an outline for a three-hour class, but can be used for shorter or longer sessions.

All teaching modules engage with existing academic research and debates, and may contain information, opinions and statements from a variety of sources, including press reports and independent experts.Links to external resources were tested at the time of publication. However, as third-party websites may change, please contact us if you come across a broken link or are redirected to inappropriate content. Please also inform us if you notice that a publication is linked to an unofficial version or website.

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