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Review and assessment questions

a) What special investigative techniques do you know? What do you think is the most effective technique for investigating organized crime?

b) Why is the use of informants during investigation traditionally considered to be the most cost-effective tool in organized crime cases?

c) What are the possible pitfalls and challenges in the use of the controlled delivery technique in organized crime cases?

d) What forms of electronic surveillance are available to law enforcement agencies to conduct investigations?

e) Given the multiple ways in which electronic surveillance can occur, what are the most important kinds of restrictions on its use?

f) Why do you believe that young and less experienced officers are often selected for undercover work? What might you do to reduce the threat to their safety?

g) What problems or challenges are encountered during investigations of cases with multiple jurisdictions and how are they resolved? Please describe the principles.

h) Under what circumstances can an INTERPOL red notice be removed?

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