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Module 3 introduces students to the tools, actors, and agencies that are part of the criminal justice response to wildlife trafficking in any one jurisdiction. The main focus of this Module is on the criminalization of the activities constituting, and associated with, wildlife trafficking, on detection methods and forensic procedures, on the work of law enforcement and customs agencies, and on the role of prosecutors and the judiciary in combating wildlife trafficking.


Learning outcomes

  • Understand the national agencies and actors involved in the criminal justice response to wildlife and forest crime, including their mandate and powers
  • Identify criminal offences pertaining to wildlife trafficking, including the elements, interpretation, and application of such offences
  • Understand the methods used to detect and investigate trafficking of wildlife and forest products
  • Understand the use of forensics to trace and identify animal and plant species, especially for criminal justice purposes
  • Understand the role of prosecutors and the judiciary in the context of wildlife trafficking
  • Identify and locate relevant international materials and critically engage with reports and scholarly literature relating to the international frameworks for combating wildlife trafficking
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