Teaching Module Series

Trafficking in Persons

Module 10

The Role of Civil Society and the Private Sector in Countering Trafficking in Persons

This Module forms part of the UNODC Teaching Module Series on Trafficking in Persons / Smuggling of Migrants and is accompanied by a Teaching Guide. The full range of materials includes teaching modules on organized crime, trafficking in persons / smuggling of migrants, cybercrime, wildlife, forest and fisheries crime, counter-terrorism as well as firearms. In addition, Module Series on anti-corruption and integrity & ethics are available at Global Resource for Anti-Corruption Education and Youth Empowerment (GRACE) website.

All teaching modules provide suggestions for in-class exercises, student assessments, slides, and other teaching tools that lecturers can adapt to their contexts, and integrate into existing university courses and programmes. The Module provides an outline for a three-hour class, but can be used for shorter or longer sessions.

All teaching modules engage with existing academic research and debates, and may contain information, opinions and statements from a variety of sources, including press reports and independent experts. Links to external resources were tested at the time of publication. However, as third-party websites may change, please contact us if you come across a broken link or are redirected to inappropriate content. Please also inform us if you notice that a publication is linked to an unofficial version or website.

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