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Additional teaching tools

This section includes links to relevant teaching aides such as PowerPoint slides, video material and case studies, that could help the lecturer teach the issues covered by the Module. Lecturers can adapt the slides and other resources to their needs.

PowerPoint presentation

  • Presentation on Module 9: Prohibition against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment (forthcoming)


Sources of soft law principles and guidance

Alongside the treaty obligations and other legal obligations in respect of torture, inhuman and degrading treatment, there is also a wealth of soft law principles and guidelines which offer further support and guidance to States, public officials, lawyers, medical professionals and others in relation to torture and other forms of proscribed ill-treatment.

Reports from UN and non-UN bodies

Further resources

There are a number of non-governmental organizations which specialize in the prohibition against torture and related violations which have many useful materials, such as:

In addition, many other more 'generalist' non-governmental organizations, are also engaged in torture related issues, e.g.:

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