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This section contains material that is meant to support lecturers and provide ideas for interactive discussions and case-based analysis of the topic under consideration.

Exercise # 1 - Case study: What type of cybercrime is this?

The corporate controller of, a commodities trader, purportedly received emails from the CEO of the company (Chuck Elsea) and a Nebraska-based auditing firm that works with the company, requesting three wire transfers to a Chinese bank totalling an estimated 17 million dollars (Reuters, 2015). The emails asked for the controller's discretion as the money was for the acquisition of a Chinese company. The controller complied with the requests, assuming that the CEO directed them, even though the email used was not an official company email.

What type of cybercrime is this? Please explain your response.

Exercise # 2 - Cybercrime cases

Assign students randomly to a group before the class to enable them to complete the task before the class meets. Each group should be randomly assigned one of the following categories:

  • Offences against the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer data and systems
  • Computer-related offences
  • Content-related offences

Students are required to conduct research and find a cybercrime case and come prepared to discuss the case in class. Students can search for a cybercrime case using the UNODC SHERLOC case law database.

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