Drug offences


• Importation/exportation

Substances Involved

• Cocaine

Participation in an organized criminal group


• Agreement to commit a serious crime (conspiracy)

Operation: Norte del Valle Cartel


Fact Summary

The operation was led by the Colombian National Police in cooperation with a Venezuelan intelligence agency, where surveillance activities, support of technical equipment, and control of communications were conducted on the criminal organization.

Financial implications: Authorities conducted asset recovery activities on all the property and front companies used for money laundering in Colombia, where B. R. had established a significant illegal financial wealth.

Commentary and Significant Features

The apprehension of alias B. R. meant the dismantlement of major organizations involved in the Norte del Valle Cartel, as well as the apprehension of the oldest drug dealer in Colombia associated with the Rodriguez brothers.

1. This operation allowed for the strengthening of diplomatic relations with Venezuela, restoring of confidence in both countries’ institutions, which allowed for a highly effective cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime.

2. The success of this operation opens the space for the consolidation of partnerships and the obtaining of effective results against organized crime and transnational crime.

3. After this operation, Colombia’s National Police strengthened its credibility and positioning at a regional and global level in the fight against drug trafficking and transnational organized crime, with a clear message to Colombian drug dealers located in other countries of the region.

4. Police cooperation was an essential element in order to achieve the objectives.

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Cross Cutting


... for

• completed offence



• involved an organized criminal group (Article 2(a) CTOC)
• occurred across one (or more) international borders (transnationally)

Involved Countries


Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)



• electronic or other forms of surveillance

Asset recovery activities applied on properties located in the North Valley and Bogota (Colombia).

Tracking equipment and management of persons with access to the target.


Confiscation and Seizure


The authorities conducted asset recovery activities over all the property and front companies used for money laundering in Colombia where B. R. had established a significant illegal financial wealth.


International Cooperation


Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)

United States of America


• International law enforcement cooperation (including INTERPOL)
• Mutual legal assistance
• Extradition

- Provision of defendant’s identification documents and fingerprints, INTERPOL red notice, order of extradition and national arrest warrant.

- Exchange of information through real-time communication, coordination meetings in Colombia and Venezuela, control of movement of people close to the target.

- International Cooperation Channels: The exchange of information was conducted through the Latin American and Caribbean Community Police Intelligence (CLACIP).

- One individual was extradited to the United States of America.


Procedural Information

Latest Court Ruling:
Court of 1st Instance
Type of Proceeding:

The trial is ongoing in the United States of America


Defendants / Respondents in the first instance

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