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Core reading


The following readings are (mostly open source) required readings that should be completed before taking a class based on this Module:

  • Guarda, Nicola Dalla. (2015). Governing the ungovernable: international relations, transnational cybercrime law, and the post-Westphalian regulatory state. Transnational Legal Theory Vol. 6(1), 211-249.
  • ITU. (2014). Understanding Cybercrime: Phenomena, Challenges and Legal Response .
  • Strossen, Nadine. (2000). Cybercrimes v. Cyberliberties. International Review of Law, Computers & Technology, Vol.14(1), 11-24.
  • UNODC. (2013). Draft Comprehensive Study on Cybercrime (pp. 51-116: Chapters 3 and 4).
  • Whitmore, Andrew, Namjoo Choi, and Anna Arzrumtsya. (2009). One Size Fits All? On the Feasibility of International Internet Governance. Journal of Information Technology & Politics, Vol. 6(1), 4-11.
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