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The transnational nature of cybercrime and the interdependency of systems and Internet-connected digital devices within and outside of countries' territories requires the sharing of information about cybercrime across borders (discussed in Cybercrime Module 7 on International Cooperation against Cybercrime). Beyond that, the sharing of knowledge about good practices regarding cybercrime investigations is needed. The dizzying array of stakeholders involved in cybercrime investigations warrants a coordinated response to cybercrime and the sharing of explicit and tacit knowledge between stakeholders. The approaches to cybercrime investigations and the knowledge about investigations varies by stakeholders and the country the stakeholders reside and/or operate in. The management of this knowledge within and across borders is needed to ensure the effective investigations of cybercrimes nationally and internationally. Measures that include information and communication technology to facilitate knowledge management sharing are of paramount importance as they enable the sharing of explicit and tacit knowledge irrespective of the geographic location of knowledge sharers and receivers.

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