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This section contains suggestions for in-class and pre-class educational exercises, while a post-class assignment for assessing students’ understanding of the Module is suggested in a separate section.

The exercises in this section are most appropriate for classes of up to 50 students, where students can be easily organized into small groups in which they discuss cases or conduct activities before group representatives provide feedback to the entire class. Although it is possible to have the same small group structure in large classes comprising a few hundred students, it is more challenging, and the lecturer might wish to adapt facilitation techniques to ensure sufficient time for group discussions as well as providing feedback to the entire class. The easiest way to deal with the requirement for small group discussion in a large class is to ask students to discuss the issues with the four or five students sitting closest to them. Given time limitations, not all groups will be able to provide feedback in each exercise. It is recommended that the lecturer makes random selections and tries to ensure that all groups get the opportunity to provide feedback at least once during the session. If time permits, the lecturer could facilitate a discussion in plenary after each group has provided feedback.

Exercise 1: Detecting and Investigating Firearms

The students should watch the video (INTERPOL Operation Trigger II: Targeting illicit firearms trafficking in Europe) before coming to class.

Lecturer guidelines

Ask the students to list factors that impede the prevention, detection, investigation and punishment of firearm offences. Look at how a gun circulates legally and illegally (Figure 8.1). What factors can facilitate or impede the flow, and what impact does this have on how firearms are detected and investigated?

Exercise 2: Strengthening Criminal Justice Responses

The students should have attended the lecture on strengthening criminal justice responses.

Lecturer guidelines

For this exercise, students are asked to prepare a brief presentation discussing the role of firearms in the criminal justice system. Split the students into small groups. Once in groups, ask the students to outline the key criminal justice responses, and how they intend to combat firearms crime and illicit firearms flows. Ask students to consider trafficking and stockpiles, and to list the consequences, causes and solutions.

Each group will have produced a brief (5 minute) presentation by the end of the exercise. Students will present their ideas, outlining the main issues and highlighting solutions, using examples. Select 2-3 groups at random and ask students to present their ideas, generate feedback and discussion from other groups.

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