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Additional teaching tools

This section includes links to relevant teaching aides such as PowerPoint slides, video material, case studies, and other resources that could help the lecturer teach the issues covered by the Module. The slides and other resources can be adapted by lecturers as appropriate and needed.


  • PowerPoint Presentation(s) for Module 15 Contemporary Issues

Video Materials

Videos 1: Youth and radicalisation/violent extremism

Videos 2: CVE and women

Video 3: UNDP global meeting on PVE

Video 4: The use of drones for targeted killings

Video 5: The dangers of technological innovation

Video 6: Should terrorists have the right to free speech?

Video 7: Challenges facing tech companies to remove terrorist propaganda*

  • Tech giants, especially in the area of social media, are coming under increasing pressure globally to be more proactive and quicker in their efforts to detect and remove terrorist propaganda from their platforms. This short video details some of their efforts and related challenges to do so.
  • "Facebook, Twitter and YouTube take on terrorist propaganda." (CNET News) (5 December 2016). [1 minute]


Tool 1. Youth Empowerment

There are many global initiatives aimed at better empowering youth in the context of preventing and countering violent extremism. Some examples are given here:

Tool 2. CVE and Women

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