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Building upon the general introduction to cybercrime in Module 1, this Module covers general categories of cybercrime and the types of cybercrimes included within these categories. The categories of cybercrime covered in this Module are those included in the 2013 UNODC Draft Comprehensive Study: "acts against the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer data or systems"; "computer‐related acts for personal or financial gain or harm;" and "computer-content related acts" (p. 16). These categories represent "act descriptions" and are merely used in the discourse and examination of different types of cybercrimes.

Learning outcomes

  • Define general types of cybercrime
  • Identify and discuss the categories of cybercrime and the cybercrimes included within these categories
  • Differentiate between different forms of cybercrime
  • Describe the ways in which certain cybercrimes are perpetrated
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