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Key issues

Cybercrime investigations can be proactive, in response to intelligence, or reactive, in response to the identification and/or reporting of cybercrime to the appropriate authorities. The observing entity and/or the stakeholder to whom the cybercrime is reported will determine who will be involved in the investigation. Numerous agencies, organizations, businesses, and individuals within (and even outside of) a country can be involved in a cybercrime investigation in some way, including criminal justice and national security agencies, international organizations, the private sector, and civil society. This Module examines these stakeholders and their roles in cybercrime investigations, as well as the reporting of cybercrime, the challenges posed by cybercrime investigations, and the role of knowledge management in cybercrime investigations.

The sub-pages to this section provide a descriptive overview of the key issues that lecturers might want to cover with their students when teaching on this topic:

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