This module is a resource for lecturers


This section contains suggestions for in-class and pre-class educational exercises, while a post-class assignment for assessing student understanding of the Module is suggested in a separate section.

Exercise 1

In groups, ask your students to identify the key stages in the development of the legal arms trade, and consider: Why were these stages key and what was their impact?

Exercise 2

In groups, students should consider whether private companies should be allowed to manufacture weapons of war (Article 8, Paragraph 4 of the League of Nations Covenant and the Royal Commission on the Private Manufacture of and Trading in Arms, 1935-1936).

Exercise 3

Students should think about the impact on regional stability of a State developing a large capacity to produce firearms/SALW. Should States which previously have not had such a capability be allowed to develop one.

Exercise 4

Ask your students to think about the regulation of the legitimate arms trade, particularly the Arms Trade Treaty and Firearms Protocol. Have them write a list of five reasons why regulation is a promising idea and five reasons why it is a bad idea.

In the class, let them get together in a group and share their findings. Ask them to put the common reasons into a shared document and discuss.

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