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Advanced reading

The following readings are recommended for students interested in exploring the topics of this Module in more detail, and for lecturers teaching the Module:

  • Alacs, Erika & Arthur Georges, 'Wildlife across our borders: a review of the illegal trade in Australia' (2008) 40(2) Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences 147-160
  • Broad, Steven et al, 'The Nature and Extent of Legal and Illegal Trade in Wildlife', in Sara Oldfield, Trade in Wildlife: Regulation for Conservation, 2012, 3-22
  • Challender, Daniel W S et al, 'Understanding markets to conserve trade-threatened species in CITES' (2015) 187 Biological Conservation 249-259
  • EIA, In Cold Blood: Combating organized wildlife crime (2014) 8.
  • Nurse, Angus, Policing Wildlife: Perspectives on the Enforcement of Wildlife Legislation, Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015
  • UN ECOSOC, Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, Illicit trafficking in protected species of wild flora and fauna and illicit access to genetic resources, Report of the Secretary-General, UN Doc E/CN.15/2003/8 (4 March 2003)
  • Wellsmith, Melanie, 'Wildlife Crime: The Problems of Enforcement' (2011) 17 European Journal of Policy Research 125-148

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