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Advanced reading


The following readings are recommended for students interested in exploring the topics of this Module in more detail, and for lecturers teaching the Module:

  • Elliott, Lorraine, 'Cooperation on Transnational Environmental Crime: Institutional Complexity Matters' (2017) 26(2) Review of European Community and International Environmental Law 107
  • Harrop, Stuart, 'Wild Animal Welfare in International Law: The Present Position and the Scope for Development' (2013) 4(4) Global Policy 381
  • Ivory, Radha, 'Corruption Gone Wild: Transnational Criminal Law and the International Trade in Endangered Species' (2017) 111 AJIL Unbound 413
  • Oldfield, S, (ed), The trade in wildlife: regulation for conservation (2003)
  • Sand, Peter H, 'Whither CITES? The Evolution of a Treaty Regime in the Borderland of Trade and Environment' (1997) 1 European Journal of International Law 29
  • Wandesford-Smith, Geoffrey, 'Looking for Law in All the Wrong Places? Dying Elephants, Evolving Treaties, and Empty Threats' (2016) 19(4) Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy 365
  • Wiersema, Annecoos, 'CITES and the Whole Chain Approach to Combating Illegal Wildlife Trade' (2017) 20(3-4) Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy 207


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