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Possible class structure


This section contains recommendations for a teaching sequence and timing intended to achieve learning outcomes through a three-hour class.

NOTE: The class structure proposed is merely indicative. As students' prior knowledge and exposure to these issues varies widely, the lecturer should adapt contents as well as the time suggested for each component of the Module, according to the educational and social context, needs of the students and as otherwise appropriate.

  • 10 mins » Pre-class exercise (icebreaker to introduce students to the topic)
  • 5 mins » Overview of international law (use to give students a guide as to what will be covered and the basic relationship between the material covered)
  • 15 mins » Background, development, and structure of CITES
  • 20 mins » Appendix and permit system; prohibiting illegal trade
  • 10 mins » Break
  • 10 mins » Administration of CITES
  • 10 mins » CITES and Wildlife trafficking
  • 30 mins » Environmental protection and conservation treaties (approx. 10 mins per treaty)
  • 10 mins » IUCN
  • 10 mins » Break
  • 15 mins » Animal welfare
  • 20 mins » Organized crime and corruption treaties and INTERPOL
  • 15 mins » In-class exercise


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