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This section contains material that is meant to support lecturers and provide ideas for interactive discussions and case-based analysis of the topic under consideration.

Exercise 1

Divide students in 2-3 small groups and ask them to discuss the following questions: what are the benefits and challenges in establishing strict or lenient regulations on firearms? Which are the factors and which stakeholders influence the establishment and development of national firearms regulations? How strengths and weakness of national firearms regime can have an impact over the security in the country and in the world?

Exercise 2

Divide students in 2-3 small groups and ask them to research the firearms regulatory regime in their chosen country, identifying what primary and subsidiary laws exist, which elements of the firearms control are in place and which are missing, which international instruments did the country ratify and what additional changes should be implemented to strengthen the national firearms regime?

Exercise 3

Identify a specific area of firearms control, such as possession or transfers, and ask students to identify the national legislation in that area, the institutions responsible for its implementation and enforcement, and to list the existing gaps.

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