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Exercise 1

Individually or in small groups, look at the reasons why OCGs use firearms.

Create a google doc (or similar) outlining what you think are the most problematic of these for law enforcement to tackle, and why.

Exercise 2

Consider the implications of the following scenario in terms of the approaches by law enforcement:

One person, who is a member of an OCG, buys a deactivated v.58 rifle from a legitimate seller, with the intention of reactivating the weapon.

A second person, who is a member of a terrorist group, buys a different deactivated v.58 rifle from the same legitimate seller, with the intention of reactivating the weapon.

In groups, discuss whether these two people should be treated in the same way.

Exercise 3

In groups, consider whether a distinction between OCG, gang and terrorist group is fit for purpose in the 21st century, or whether all of the terms be replaced with “criminal enterprise” or something similar.

Create a table listing the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

Exercise 4

Consider the use of firearms by a particular OCG or terrorist group. To what extent do you consider that the firearms are a cause of regional violence, or a result of regional violence? What difference does this make to possible policy measures to tackle the problem?

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