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Possible class structure

This section contains recommendations for a teaching sequence and timing intended to achieve learning outcomes through a three-hour class.

NOTE: The class structure proposed is merely indicative. As students' prior knowledge and exposure to these issues varies widely, the lecturer should adapt contents as well as the time suggested for each component of the Module, according to the educational and social context, needs of the students and as otherwise appropriate.

Ice-breaker and attention-catcher

Class debate (app. 15 minutes)

It is proposed to commence Module 4 with a debate, whereby the class is requested to consider non-criminal justice actors that could play a role - and in what terms - in countering SOM. The answers could be documented (e.g., black board, paper board, stickers) with the purpose of allowing students to critically revisit the answers throughout Module 4.


in line with the topics described under ' Introduction and learning outcomes' (app. 80 minutes)

Break (10 minutes)

Exercise 1 (app. 40 minutes)

  • Class divided into two groups, whereby one shall play the role of supporter of interception by the Libyan Coast Guard described in Info Box 1 as well as measures referred to in Info Box 2 as conducive to reduce migrant smuggling. The other group shall play the role of opponents thereof.
  • The proposed questions for discussion should be answered in line with the roles assigned.
  • Each group should be given 15 minutes to discuss. A debate opposing the two groups should ensue, moderated by the lecturer.

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