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Review and assessment questions

a) Are organized crime and terrorism defined in international law? What are the concepts used to frame these concepts? What are the differences between those two?

b) What similarities are there between organized criminal activity and terrorism that provide explanations as to why there might be linkages between them?

c) 'There is no reliable and concrete evidence which confirms that there is a nexus between organized crime and terrorism.' Evaluate this statement, noting the nature of the evidence and sources which support and/or contradict it.

d) What theoretical models have been developed which in your view best explain how and why linkages occur between organized crime and terrorism?

e) Providing examples of crime types, do you believe linkages between organized crime and terrorism exist?

f) 'If there is a nexus between organized crime and terrorism we must conclude that it is a global phenomenon.' Critically discuss this statement, providing examples to explain why you agree or disagree with it.

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