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  • NIST. (2018). Assessing Privacy Controls Workshop (length: 57:17) » This video includes a NIST panel that covers privacy engineering and risk management issues, particularly those that relate to privacy controls.
  • NIST. What is the Internet of Things (IoT) and How Can we Secure it? (length: 7:53) » This video covers the Internet of Things and what can be done to secure the IoT.
  • Privacy International. (2015). Big Data (length: 4:48) » This video provides an overview of big data, the manner in which it is collected and analysed, why big data is sought, the consequences of big data, and what can be done about big data.
  • Privacy International. (2015). Data Protection Explained (length: 3:06) » This video covers what data is, why it is valuable, who data controllers are, how data controllers obtained data, what is data protection law and what it does, variation in data protection law, and why data protection law is important.
  • Privacy International. (2015). What is Privacy? (length: 3:11) » This video discusses what privacy is, why it is important, how data is collected, how it impacts privacy, and what can be done to protect privacy.

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