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Key issues

Cybersecurity measures are designed to safeguard individuals and property, in general, and systems, networks, services, and data, in particular. The protection of systems, networks, services and data requires a multifaceted approach with sound overarching cybersecurity strategies, policies, and programmes (discussed in Cybercrime Module 8 on Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Prevention: Strategies, Policies, and Programmes), and usable cybersecurity measures that are designed to identify threats and vulnerabilities, and prevent, detect, respond to and recover from materialized threats. The latter measures are explored in this Module, along with risk and risk-related concepts, cybersecurity research and vulnerability disclosure, and situational crime prevention strategies and techniques. Basic concepts and approaches on crime prevention are discussed in detail in the University Module Series on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, particularly Module 1 on United Nations Norms and Standards on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice and Module 2 on Crime Prevention.

The sub-pages to this section provide a descriptive overview of the key issues that lecturers might want to cover with their students when teaching on this topic:

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