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Exercise # 1 - About data

Digital devices have proliferated. Digital forensics investigators need to process and analyse large amounts of data quickly.

Ask your students to search the Internet and choose a digital device (as an alternative they can discuss a device that they own). Students should be prepared to discuss the device and answer the following questions in class:

Discussion questions

  • What data is stored by this device?
  • What type of data is it?
  • Where is this data located?
  • How can the data be located?

Lecturer guidelines

This exercise somewhat depends on how technical the class is. If the class is technical, have students discuss the specific areas where data is stored and how it can be recovered. If the class is non-technical, have them consider their own data and how the student is able to find data when they need to.

Exercise # 2 - Digital forensics tools

There are numerous digital forensics tools on the market. Ask students to search for a digital forensics tool most commonly used in their country.

Discussion questions

  • What type of forensics is the tools used for?
  • Is this tool forensically sound?
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