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Student assessment

In addition to the exercises, other assessment tools used in this Module are review questions and homework assignments.

Review questions

The questions can also be used to promote class discussions during the lecture.

  • Where is cybercrime reported?
  • Why is cybercrime underreported?
  • Who investigates cybercrime?
  • What are public-private partnerships? Why have these been created for cybercrime investigations?
  • What are the obstacles encountered during cybercrime investigations?
  • What is knowledge management? What are the benefits of knowledge management?
  • How can knowledge management be applied to cybercrime investigations?


Students can be assigned one or more of the following assignments to be completed before class as either a written homework assignment (one to three pages long) and/or be part of the class discussion:

Homework # 1 National Security Agencies and their Roles in Cybercrime Investigations

  • Which national security agencies are involved in cybercrime investigations in your country?
  • What role (or roles) does the agency (or do the agencies) have in cybercrime investigations?
  • Instruct students to explain their responses using evidence-based arguments supported by the core and/or advanced readings.

Homework # 2 Regional Internet Registry

Ask the students to conduct research on their Regional Internet Registry.

  • What is the role of RIRs?
  • What resources does it offer?
  • How can these resources be leveraged in cybercrime investigations?
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