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Research and independent study questions


a) Review some existing United Nations resolutions (e.g., ECOSOC Resolution 2005/17) and draft a United Nations General Assembly or United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) resolution with a focus on cross-sectoral partnerships (public-private partnerships) that could reduce the opportunities for organized criminal groups to create illicit markets and accumulate illicit proceeds. Make sure to use a similar style and format as official United Nations resolutions.

b) Create a poster to advertise a public event of your choice that focuses on sustainable livelihoods as a response to the recruitment of teenagers into criminal gangs

c) Discuss how arts and artistic work can be used as part of awareness-raising and advocacy campaigns against various forms of transnational organized crime. Find a piece of art dedicated to combating organized crime and explain how it can be used to raise awareness about organized crime and to educate people about its harmful consequences.

d) The Module discusses the importance of countering the proceeds of crime to prevent and combat organized crime. Discuss the existing partnerships between governments and banks which have been formed to disrupt criminal enterprises. What are some possible responses to offshore accounts and tax havens?

e) Conduct independent research on the existing domestic organizations in your country (State, private sector or civil society groups) with a mandate / mission to prevent organized crime. What specific agency or policy is most effective in achieving this goal and why?   

f) Draft a comprehensive national programme or strategy (for your country) for the next five years to prevent transnational organized crime that includes a short description of the existing threat(s) and prioritizes efforts.