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Review and assessment questions

a) Could you find any similarities and differences between the crimes of trafficking in persons and trafficking in firearms?

b) What are the similarities and differences between trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants? In your answer focus on issues of consent, exploitation, transnationality, and source of profits.

c) Which are the International Drug Control Conventions and what does each of them regulate?

d) Please describe what kind of actions would be required to treat wildlife as serious crime in terms of criminalization in national jurisdictions.

e) It is possible that transnational criminal activities involve goods that are not illegal in themselves, such as drugs for medical and scientific use or cigarettes. Bringing these goods across border is also not necessarily illegal. Please, consider the case of cigarettes and discuss the factors that make the movement and trade in cigarettes illegal.

f) Does the Organized Crime Convention require States parties to also criminalize trafficking in cultural property?

g) What are the harms produced by counterfeiting?

h) What are the harms produced by falsified medical products?

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