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Student assessment

This section provides suggestions for post-class assignments for the purpose of assessing student understanding of the Module. Suggestions for pre-class or in-class assignments are provided in the Exercises section.


2,500-word report

In undertaking the assessment, students should demonstrate their understanding of the module learning outcomes.

Students should be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the operation and development of the legitimate arms market;
  • describe the key actors in the legitimate arms market, and the impact this may have on regional stability;
  • critically assess* the political, social and economic factors which influence import and export of firearms to states;
  • critically discuss* the importance of unified, international criteria for the import and export of firearms between States.

(*The extent of critical evaluation and synthesis will be dependent on the student's level of study).

You are taking on the role of advisor to the government of your country, Erehwon.


The Government of Erehwon wishes to export a sizable number of firearms to its regional ally, Ecalpemos, which is engaged in an armed conflict with separatists who wish to replace the Government.

Both sides of the conflict in Ecalpemos (government and separatists) have been accused by the International Committee of the Red Cross and Amnesty International of committing acts which may amount to Crimes Against Humanity.

Your Government fears that without the additional firearms, the Government of Ecalpemos will fall, which would lead to regional instability.

Both Erehwon and Ecalpemos are United Nations Member States and have signed and ratified the Arms Trade Treaty.


Write a report outlining the steps that your Government will need to take to ensure that the export of firearms follows the requirements set out in the Arms Trade Treaty. You should also address whether your Government can balance its obligations under Article 51 of the United Nations Charter (individual or collective self-defence) with its Arms Trade Treaty obligations.

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