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Cybercrime is a growing, global problem. Whether you are a small business, a fortune 500 company, buying your first smartphone or becoming a cybersecurity expert, you need to be aware of cybercrime. The Internet affords education and economic opportunities beyond anything the world has ever seen. This same tool, however, also allows for unprecedented opportunities to cause harm. By abusing technology, cybercriminals ruin businesses and even lives. Many countries and organizations around the world are fighting to stop cybercriminals and help to make systems more secure. However, one of the best methods of prevention is through education. The UNODC developed, with the support of academics from around the world, a series of modules on cybercrime. These university modules cover many aspects of this complex and fascinating field and include both theoretical concepts as well as practical knowledge. Furthermore, these modules are multi-disciplinary in nature, since they focus on various topics and provide resources on different aspects of cybercrime and cybercrime investigation. Additional pedagogical guidance for lecturers is provided in the Teaching Guide on Cybercrime.

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