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Student assessment

In addition to the exercises, other assessment tools used in this Module are review questions and homework assignments.

Review questions

These questions can also be used to facilitate class discussions during the lecture.

  • What is an asset?
  • What is a threat?
  • What is a vulnerability?
  • What is risk?
  • How is risk assessed?
  • What are the ways in which cybersecurity researchers disclose vulnerabilities?
  • What is the relationship between cybersecurity and usability?
  • What is situational crime prevention? How can it be applied to cybercrime?
  • What cybersecurity measures are included in incident detection, response, recovery, and preparedness?

Homework Assignments

The following assignments are proposed:

Homework # 1

Have students conduct research to identify a cybersecurity incident involving a large corporation or organization that experienced a cybersecurity incident within the last two years. In the short paper, ask students to describe the cybersecurity incident and identify the vulnerabilities that made the incident possible [Suggested maximum length: 1,500 words].

Homework # 2

Reporting software vulnerabilities is a somewhat controversial issue. Have students research a company within their country and identify the company's views on disclosure. In the short paper, students should not only discuss the company and the company's overall view on disclosure, but they should also answer the following questions: Does the company accept responsible disclosure claims? Does the company support researchers that disclose vulnerabilities? How are disclosures handled? [Suggested maximum length: 1,500 words].

Homework # 3

Do your country's laws (and/or case law) afford criminal justice practitioners with the ability to compel individuals to provide their biometrics to unlock digital devices? Please justify your response.

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