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Possible class structure

This section contains recommendations for a teaching sequence and timing intended to achieve learning outcomes through a three-hour class.

NOTE: The class structure proposed is merely indicative. As students' prior knowledge and exposure to these issues varies widely, the lecturer should adapt contents as well as the time suggested for each component of the Module, according to the educational and social context, needs of the students and as otherwise appropriate.

Ice-breaker and attention-catcher

The Module should begin with the screening of all or some of the following films:

The films provide brief overviews of the dangers entailed in smuggling ventures, risks for migrants, the modus operandi and services provided by organized criminal groups and the lucrative nature of this crime. The films and related discussion will set the stage for the various topics addressed throughout this Module.

The following discussion questions are proposed:

  • Considering the topics developed in Module 1, what behaviours do you believe are criminalized as far as migrant smuggling is concerned?
  • What kind of resources and operations do you consider necessary to pull together a migrant smuggling venture?
  • How much do you believe is the average price of a smuggler/smuggling operation and of specific steps comprised therein?
  • Do you conceive migrant smuggling as a crime closely linked to/enabling/causing other criminal conduct? In the affirmative, indicate which crimes and why?

If not all three movies are screened, the remaining time may be added to the lecture or 'Exercises'.


in line with the various subject-matters described in ' Key issues' (app. 85 minutes)

Break (10 minutes)

Exercises (60 minutes)

  • The class may be divided in two groups, with each group addressing one of the 'Exercises (1 and 2)' and later presenting the results (20 min to discuss and 10 minutes to present for each group); or
  • All students together may address both 'Exercises' successively, with the lecturer moderating the debate.

Note : The lecturer could also decide to focus on either Exercise 1 or Exercise 2 in class and assign the other as compulsory homework.

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