This module is a resource for lecturers

Format of the simulation

It is recommended that Module 14 is taught at the end of the course. It is not recommended to begin the simulation without first covering the content of the Module, as the latter includes important information about the nature and objectives of the Conference and its Working Groups.

For this simulation, students will be assigned different roles in order to hold substantive discussions and draft resolutions on a topic related to organized crime.

The suggested classroom time for this simulation is 120 minutes and it will run best with at least 15-25 participants. Therefore, several class periods should be allocated for the simulation. Should there be more participants, additional time for speeches and deliberations should be considered.

While Model UN simulations (MUNs) are usually large conferences that can last several days, a small and focused simulation such as the one suggested in this Guide can be a very helpful tool to round out the knowledge acquired by students in courses related to real-world topics of international diplomacy.

For a successful simulation, the instructor should:

  1. Assign the roles (described below) to the students in advance, giving them enough time to carry out background research and familiarize themselves with the rules of procedure;

  2. Prepare handout materials, which may include the ones offered in the Guide and additionally:

    • Expectations for performance and marking criteria
    • The agenda for the meeting (e.g., topics, countries represented observers, schedule, etc.)
    • Rules of procedure
    • Some sample preambular and operative clauses for drafting resolutions
    • A sample resolution of the Conference.

The following is a list of useful supplies and equipment the instructor may consider preparing for the simulation:

  • Name badges and country plates
  • Computers for delegates to type resolutions (preferably it should be connected to a projector)
  • Printer and photocopier
  • USB sticks and extension cords
  • Stop watch/timer
  • Paper, pens, paper clips, tape and flip charts.