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Незаконный ввоз мигрантов
    Торговля людьми
       Part 5
       Section 98B
       Smuggling and trafficking in people

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        98B Terms used in sections 98C to 98F

        In sections 98C to 98F, unless the context otherwise requires,—

        act of coercion against the person includes—

        (a) abducting the person:

        (b) using force in respect of the person:

        (c) harming the person:

        (d) threatening the person (expressly or by implication) with the use of force in respect of, or the harming of, the person or some other person

        act of deception includes fraudulent action

        arranges for an unauthorised migrant to be brought to a State includes—

        (a) organises or procures the bringing to a State:

        (b) recruits for bringing to a State:

        (c) carries to a State

        arranges for an unauthorised migrant to enter a State includes—

        (a) organises or procures the entry into a State:

        (b) recruits for entry into a State:

        (c) carries into a State

        document includes a thing that is or is intended to be—

        (a) attached to a document; or

        (b) stamped or otherwise signified on a document

        harming of a person means causing harm of any kind to the person; and (in particular) includes—

        (a) causing physical, psychological, or financial harm to the person:

        (b) sexually mistreating the person:

        (c) causing harm to the person’s reputation, status, or prospects

        unauthorised migrant, in relation to a State, means a person who is neither a citizen of the State nor in possession of all the documents required by or under the law of the State for the person’s lawful entry into the State.