Base de données sur la législation

      Infractions liées aux drogues
        Entrave au bon fonctionnement de la justice
          Participation à un groupe organisé
            Piraterie et criminalité maritime
              Trafic illicite de migrants
                Trafic d’armes à feu
                  Crimes ayant une incidence sur l’environnement
                    Traite des personnes
                       Schedule 1 - Part 1AB
                       Section 15HB

                      UNTOC articles

                      • Convention contre la criminalité organisée

                      • Article 5: Incrimination de la participation à un groupe criminel organisé
                      • Article 2: Terminologie
                      • Article 23: Incrimination de l’entrave au bon fonctionnement de la justice
                      • Protocole relatif à la traite des personnes

                      • Protocole relatif au trafic illicite de migrants

                      • Protocole relatif aux armes à feu


                        Texte original

                        5HB  What is a serious Commonwealth offence?


                        For the purposes of this Part, serious Commonwealth offence means an offence against a law of the Commonwealth:

                        (a)      that involves theft, fraud, tax evasion, currency violations, illegal drug dealings, illegal gambling, obtaining financial benefit by vice engaged in by others, extortion, money laundering, perverting the course of justice, bribery or corruption of, or by, an officer of the Commonwealth, an officer of a State or an officer of a Territory, bankruptcy and company violations, harbouring of criminals, forgery including forging of passports, armament dealings, illegal importation or exportation of fauna into or out of Australia, espionage, sabotage or threats to national security, misuse of  a computer or electronic communications, people smuggling, slavery, piracy, the organisation, financing or perpetration of sexual servitude or child sex tourism, dealings in child pornography or material depicting child abuse, importation of prohibited imports or exportation of prohibited exports, or that involves matters of the same general nature as one or more of the foregoing or that is of any other prescribed kind; and

                        (b)     that is punishable on conviction by imprisonment for a period of 3 years or more.